5 April 2020, Sunday
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Call mayor after rush day-trippers: “Do not come to Zandvoort ‘

It was incredibly busy in Zandvoort today because of the weather. And that reveals the people and of great concern to the mayor of Zandvoort. Mayor David Moolenburgh therefore strongly urges all guests day: “Do not come to Zandvoort.” From more resorts sounds that sound.

Residents of Zandvoort today sounded the alarm when they saw how their village was overrun by day trippers. “A large part of the day there were traffic jams towards the seaside resort” Zandvoorter Leo Miezenbeek tells RTL Nieuws.

To care

Normally that’s fine, but the threat of coronavirus are a lot of people do not wait for. They are very worried, says Miezenbeek.

“I understand that people like to be outside and the beach is attractive in this weather, but we also make us very concerned that the virus will spread quickly.”

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Therefore, people have started and they also mayor approached Moolenburgh a campaign via Facebook. Which let it be known that he makes an urgent appeal to everyone not to come to Zandvoort during the corona crisis’

Fear total lockdown

“I can not throw lock the village”, he explains. “The people who should control, have in these times even more important jobs to do. So I ask everyone not to come to Zandvoort in these times.”

After the crisis, everyone is welcome again, he says. Residents are welcome to call. They fear a total lockdown persists when the flow of beach-goers.

Not only Zandvoort suffer from peak periods. Other resorts in the country these days are popular with day guests.

The Safety Zealand (VRZ) did yesterday called on tourists not to come to Zeeland. “We have the (hospital) care optimally prepare for a big corona care needs,” said the security which the call will prevent the corona virus from spreading by the arrival of tourists.

Thus the world chasing a coronavirus vaccine

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