5 April 2020, Sunday
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Blood banks investigate immunity to coronavirus

Sanquin Blood Bank begins a nationwide survey to find out to how the new corona virus spreads throughout the Netherlands and which part of the population has developed resistance to the virus.

That medical microbiologist Hans OeverZaaijer connected to Sanquin, announced in an interview with newspaper.

People who are infected to make antibodies specific for this coronavirus and can be measured in the blood. How many Dutch defenses which have not known, but there are more than 2,500 people are officially registered as infected are. Not everyone is tested for the virus.

Blood samples Sanquin at home can help. The Netherlands has more than three hundred thousand blood donors who annually donate blood several times. The blood banks prick weekly ten thousand donors. Samples are stored long time. It can be measured or someone antibodies and how long though.

The study should come within a few weeks make clear how long the current measures will last for a majority of the Dutch with the virus in touch and built up immunity. That point is important, because the virus is still so difficult to spread that the Netherlands can go about thinking back to return to normal life, says OeverZaaijer. How fast we get there depends on how many people have already been exposed to the coronavirus, and how quickly their numbers are growing.

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The Dutch virus approach is not without risk

Each country picks up the new coronavirus in their own way. China threw everything locked Netherlands wants to penetrate controlling the virus. Eventually it provides better protection, but it is not without risk.

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