2 April 2020, Thursday
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Bassie and Adriaan separated from each other by corona virus

Aad van Toor (77), better known as Adrian acrobat, can currently be brother Bas (84) did not visit. Aad lives in Spain and can not get out because of the corona crisis the country at this time. The state of emergency in Spain and airplanes from Spain since Saturday may not land in the Netherlands.

Let know their spokesman “Like everyone not in Spain may also present Adriaan his house.” His brother Bas (84), better known as Clown Bassie, lives in Vlaardingen. Bass struggled in recent years with many health and leads since a fairly isolated life.

Brother Aad (77) normally meets once every few weeks to the Netherlands, among other things, to see Bas. But this can not now by the corona crisis. Phoning is tricky; Aad hear less well than before and Bas talks difficult by the TIA that struck him last year.

The brothers announced last month that next summer in Vlaardingen Museum will open a major exhibition about their work and life. The brothers Van Toor vomiting as the acrobatic The Crocksons which they occurred nearly 25 years around the world.

Since the late seventies they continued as the duo Bassie & Adriaan and made two decades much loved children’s series for the TROS. The pair is still immensely popular among young and old. Their daily YouTube channel last week attracted more than 150,000 viewers each day.

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