Basic rate increases are hard Fit gyms may reopen

The price of gym chain Basic Fit wins about 14 percent. Investors are now eager gyms over a month probably should open.

At the fair was the price of Basic Fit morning as nearly 18 percent. Later there was still an increase of more than 14 percent of it.

Basic-Fit has a total of 828 gyms. Of these, there are 202, so almost one in four in the Netherlands. Yesterday the government announced that as of July 1 may probably open again.

It offers prospects for the company, investors seem to think. The price of Basic Fit incidentally started this year at 33.90 euros. Even after the jump in the proportion is still one third lower than at the beginning of this year.

Luxembourg this week open

The branches of Basic-Fit in Luxembourg will open this week, said a spokesman for Basic Fit. In Luxembourg Basic Fit only 10 branches, so that does not tap so hard.

More importantly, the branches in Belgium (188), France (390) and Spain (38) expected by Basic-Fit can reopen in June.

France: green and red regions

It is true, however, that in France, for example governments work with different regions: green and red. The Basic-Fits in the green regions may possibly open in June, the spokesman said.

Of the 390 French establishments there are 230, or almost 60 percent, in green areas. The spokesman stressed however that the countries yet to be confirmation.


When the branches open again, while funds have restrictions, he says. So we will work with a reservation, which members will have to apply online for a particular time slot.

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