5 April 2020, Sunday
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Astronaut Al Worden was the farthest from the earth, but never set foot on the moon

US astronaut Alfred (Al) Will is deceased at the age of 88. He was part of the Apollo 15 moon mission in 1971. While his companions David Scott and James Irwin descended to the moon and there were three days of exploration, he waited for them.

At one point it was 3,600 kilometers away from his colleagues and 360,000 kilometers from the rest of humanity on earth. Be it provided a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the most secluded man ever.

The US space agency Nasa calls Will “an American hero will never be forgotten whose achievements in space and on earth.

Al Worden was trained as a fighter pilot in the US Air Force. In 1966 he was hired by NASA as an astronaut. During his mission he turned 74 laps around the moon. “After each round, I went to the window and I saw how the Earth came up behind the moon. That was pretty unique, “he said a few years ago in an interview.

During the return flight to Earth Are made the first spacewalk in deep space. That happened at 300,000 kilometers from the earth. Until then, all spacewalks in orbit carried around the earth, several hundred kilometers altitude.

Are himself never set foot on the moon. A total of 24 people to the moon and been back. Twelve of them have walked on the surface.

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