5 April 2020, Sunday
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Anouk candid than ever about her family

After six children found Anouk (44) it was beautiful. The ‘Girl’ singer received three years ago Jelizah daughter with her friend Dominique and loved it then have been nice. She tells Instagram Live.

“It was not easy. I had a number of miscarriages have occurred Jelizah,” Annette explains about her youngest child. After birth, decided the singer and her boyfriend Dominique to put a knot too. But her and not him. “You never know how life is going to run,” she explains. “It could be that he encounters another wonderful person.”

Anouk has six children and Dominique did not need there to get more. “He offered it to yourself to be sterilized,” but it seemed to her a good idea. “He is far too young for,” said Annette. Namely the two have an age difference of 19 years and therefore it seemed sensible that she would be the one who had a vasectomy. And that has to do that she grants him the opportunity, should go the once, to possibly even someone else to found a family.

They dropped briefly on The Voice of Holland. Annette says her tremendously to make sense with Ali B and Waylon. “We laugh a few times a day,” she explains, and that this is why she returns. How’s Lil ‘Small, a viewer asked. “Would not know. We each course not speak. Hope it goes well with him, even with his wife and their beautiful baby. It’s not important anymore, it’s all been. It’s not so exciting and important. ”

Anouk currently resides in Marrakech and can not by prevailing coronavirus back to the Netherlands. She also has asthma and she dares not the plane to move. In the video below she explains why it is dangerous for her.

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