American country singer Kenny Rogers deceased

The American country singer Kenny Rogers is deceased at the age of 81. His family reported that he was surrounded by family at home in Colbert, Georgia, has fallen asleep. Rogers is one of the best-selling country singers ever and has sold around 100 million records.

Kenneth Ray Rogers became famous country music. His most successful hits are ‘Ruby’, ‘Islands in the Stream “and” The Gambler. ” He has won numerous awards including three Grammys.

Cooperation with other stars

The singer was born in Texas and moved in 1966 to Los Angeles. He first had success with rock and pop hits, and later developed into an actor and country singer. He sang duets with other stars like Dolly Parton and Sheena Easton, and wrote lyrics along with Lionel Richie. Rogers has been married five times and has five children.

One of Roger’s most famous songs:


Rogers is best known for its country music, but he scored an estimated 120 hits in many styles. Besides singer he was also a poet, photographer, businessman, and actor. He acted in the movie “Kenny Rogers as The Gambler” (1980), which resulted in a whole series of films.

Rogers has also set up a fast food restaurant chain with a former top executive of KFC, Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Together with Dolly Parton:

The family takes according to the Variety magazine in a very small circle goodbye to Rogers because of the fear of the spread of the coronavirus. Later it will be held a large memorial.

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