Scheveningen is optimistic with authorization by bonfire

The organization of the bonfire Scheveningen thought the council last Thursday it over to pull the plug out of the event this year. Yet the Scheveningen builders optimistic and decided to proceed with applying for the license to organize a bonfire during the New Year.

Friday decided to throw in the towel. The municipality has the conditions for realizing the authorization of the Duindorpers impossible. This past weekend the

care in the district.

Scheveningen does have confidence in a bonfire during the New Year. “On Friday there were new developments that give us hope, and for this reason we decided to go through with our license,” the organization writes on Facebook today. “We also continue our authorization to maintain our rights and cultural heritage.”

The organization last weekend sent the last requested information to the municipality to get around the license. “We are positive that we comply with all the requirements from the municipality to the expired license. We have this constructive approach to working with the community, so we collectively make a positive New Year event can. We are just waiting for the environmental exemptions, but these are currently in the final stages. ”

Friday had the organization to contact the Environment Department Haaglanden and the province of South Holland. “The authorities have indicated that there is still enough time to grant exemptions today. We rely on the expertise of these bodies and see the waivers with great confidence. ”

Tomorrow hears the organization of the municipality or the authorization is granted final.


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